Love Grows

Wants change every day,
how do I tell him my wants?
Do I casually bring it up at dinner?
Or should it be right now, here on this blog? I could finally show it to him
since he isn’t on social media much.

My heart swells to add more.
A little one to the mix.
It would make our love grow.
I want to have a baby.
Someday… but not right now.
I want one in our future.

Image result for a girl daydreaming
Credit: Reader’s Digest

Poetry and Short Stories

Hello, I am Lucy. I have a passion for writing. My New Year’s Resolutions include this very task, starting a blog to share my poetry and short stories. I can’t wait to get started.

Welcome to my site. I want to write about a variety of things, hoping someone out there enjoys them or even relates to them. If you are an aspiring writer, this blog is for you. Leave me comments, I would love to chat with you.