Poetry and Short Stories

Hello, I am Lucy. I have a passion for writing. My New Year’s Resolutions include this very task, starting a blog to share my poetry and short stories. I can’t wait to get started.

Welcome to my site. I want to write about a variety of things, hoping someone out there enjoys them or even relates to them. If you are an aspiring writer, this blog is for you. Leave me comments, I would love to chat with you.


Novel News

Hello, Lovely Lucy Readers,


It has been a while! I apologize for the delay in blogging. Emily, here! Creator of Lucy Berry Lee, and Author of “Will You Love Me Again?” I am excited to share that Lucy’s blogs are now in print in my debut novel, published on March 9, 2020!


Grab your copy NOW:


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I hope you stick with Lucy as I continue to write her story in the sequel, “Where Will We Go?” Future travel blogs coming to Lovely Lucy!


Lucy’s first assignment for Getaway Travel Magazine sends her packing to Paris where she will explore four major places the French city has to offer along with her best friends. Michael is a writer, publishing horror short stories and poems. Jenny teaches college courses and is looking to take a much-needed trip to explore what she is most passionate about – history and adventure.

Stay tuned to my Twitter and Author Page for updates and insights to the next installment!


With All My Love,

Emily Craig

Space Adventurer

(12/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: An Astronaut for a day.

What would it be like to float up there in space; being inches away from the stars that I look up at every night? A galaxy basically untouched by mankind. A vast existence of stars and planets as far as the eye can see through an astronaut’s glass helmet face cover.

As I was thinking about how to write this post, all the space knowledge I have from movies and school came flooding back to me. Instantly I remember how incredible a journey to the moon would be as our astronauts took their first steps on the moon in July 1969.

While I was in college, I actually dove into that very day by writing a poem about their journey to and from the moon. I want to rework that poem for you and take you back to July 1969 when you either saw the space shuttle launch or you were taught it in school.


“Hit to The Moon”

An astronaut legacy made –
a trip to teach generations to come
about space travel and the stars above.
Apollo 11 ascends
leaving a trail of white smoke –
a 363-foot ghost.
“The Eagle has landed” –
Mission Control. Do you read? Mission Control.
One boot on the moon,
One change for the world below:
“One small step for man,
One giant leap for mankind.”
Blue, red, 50 stars –
waving to say,
“We made it to the moon.”

One Second

(11/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Happen in a second.

A mood change. A smile. An agreement. A kiss. A happy ending.

What do all of those have in common? They can happen in a second. What’s cool about them is any of them can cause that mood change – a chain reaction. Anything is possible. Here’s a poem to show you just how a second can change your mood.

“Peaceful Existence”

Flowers blooming outside my window,
inhale deeply –
springtime air.
Bees buzzing in the sky –
a million events happening around me.
He wraps his arms around me
bringing me into him –
The sweet embrace of safety
right here in his arms –
a smile spreads across my lips
and I sink into him.


Coincidence or Second Chance?

(10/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Put two people who hate each other in an elevator for 12 hours. What happens?

“No, No! Open!” CeCe presses the elevator door button over and over with rage.

“It isn’t going to open, we’re stuck.” Jack rolls his eyes at her.

“No, we aren’t. We can’t be!”

“Yet, we are. It isn’t moving, CeCe. Just push the emergency button and call for help.”

“Fine, I will.” She pushes the emergency button. “We need help. The elevator is stuck between floors 2 and 3.” CeCe and Jack somehow both ended up at the same Holiday Inn Express over the July 4th weekend. CeCe turns to Jack, “I can’t be stuck in here with you!”

“CeCe, we’ve been over for a year, I’m sure we can stand each other until they get us out of here.” He smirks, testing her. Getting under her skin.

“Stand each other? Wow, that’s rich, Jack! We broke up and stopped speaking for a reason!”

“And what reason is that? Uh? Did I make you that miserable?” His Adam’s Apple moves up and down and his forehead creases.

“Yes, you did! That’s the reason. We butted heads too much. I never felt like I could voice my opinion to you!” CeCe clasp and unclasp her hands.

“I tried to listen to you. You’re the one that decided to stop talking to me and clear your head. You’re the one that came back with, let’s break up.”

“And you agreed. You didn’t try to persuade me! You didn’t try to change my mind!” A tear rolls down her cheek and she wipes it away.

“CeCe, once your mind is made up, there’s no changing it. I wouldn’t have had a chance.”

“You could have at least tried, Jack!”

“What would have changed?”

“We could have worked through our problems; we could have stayed together. Something. Anything better than this.”

“Better than not speaking, and then running into each other and not being able to be normal people, yeah that would be great. But, that isn’t how it played out!”

“Did you even love me?”

“Yes, of course! I wanted to stay with you. But I wasn’t about to force you.” He shrugs. Without thinking, CeCe crosses the elevator to Jack, instead of speaking. She is standing inches from Jack, staring at him. “Well hello to you, too.” He nervously says.

“Hi.” She squeaks out. After a few silence beats, she builds up her courage and grabs Jack’s face. She presses her lips to his and suddenly she feels him kiss her back. His hands pull her waist closer to him.

“I think they’re fine, guys.” The workers laugh as CeCe and Jack break apart, looking embarrassed.

Movie Magic

(9/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Your favorite moment in film.

My favorite pass time is watching movies with anyone who will sit through two or more hours laughing or crying with me. Yes, I will even have movie marathons by myself. I love watching movie after movie, letting my brain relax from thinking about life problems or even writing. I love immersing myself into another world for a few hours. Wondering where the characters will go next or how they will handle the upcoming storylines.

I love how a lot can happen in a span of a few hours, and whole life stories can be shared on screen. Those stories are still told with care and make a difference in peoples’ lives. They are also not rushed at all but played out in good time. The timelines of these movies move fast but not too fast. Do you know what I mean? They don’t rush the viewers to understand, but still, we all get what is going on.

“One Night, One Kiss”

A twirl of a dress
an outstretched hand
she’s waiting for him to catch her.
she’s showing off to her crush,
but he doesn’t know.

He holds a secret crush for her as well.
they flirt and laugh together.
he’s the guy that gets her
like no other guy does.
Makes her double over laughing
with little effort
and comforts her with ease.
He’s her prince.

She’s waiting for him
to give her a sign
but she’s struggling to hold it in.
She stops spinning and he catches her.

When they are face to face
she puts it all on the line.
one kiss to seal the deal.

Writer Monologue

(8/12) Creativity Blog Series: Write the interior monologue you experience when you sit down to write

As I look at this writing prompt, I smile because my thoughts are always racing when I sit down to write. Yet, writing it down is always so hard because I can think it but putting it into sentences and paragraphs is difficult. I think every writer goes through this, so I want to share that with my readers. Instead of a story, I want to create a poem that mirrors my writer’s mind.

“What’s in a Sentence?”

What’s a sentence, the voice says to me.

It’s nothing but a string of words, I think.

Oh, but it is so much more.

How much more?

It tells a writer’s thoughts and emotions,

shares them with the world.

It shares the inner deepest feelings in one single form for others to read.

So, you are telling me –

my thoughts in my mind

can express what I feel to others.

Yes, that is what I am telling you, dear.

I can help people with my words.

Yes, my dear.



Different Turns, What Could Happen?

(7/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: What could have happened to you in high school that could have altered the course of your life?

With my five-year high school reunion coming shortly, I often find myself asking this very question. One different turn could have altered my life from that point on, and I wonder about it sometimes. Every time that question comes to my mind, I think of how different freshman year until now would have been altered had David never said hi to me in English that year.

But first, let me back up and tell you how we met.

It was David’s first day at River Fork High School, Aaron showed him around the school – classrooms, library, restrooms, and lunchroom. Fast forward to the seventh period of that day, my English class, and a new boy walked into the room.

As David and me talk about this story, he reminds me how we had seen each other previously in the day, and Aaron thinks it is so funny that we ended up liking each other. As if it was meant to be.

Back to seventh period, our teacher, Mrs. Susan, brings David back to the front of the class once we are all seated. She says to us, “Class, we have a new student with us today from Nashville, Tennessee. Everyone give a warm welcome to David Lee.”

The class said, “Welcome to River Fork.”

Anyway, back to how we met, he came back to the seat he had picked but hadn’t really looked around. And this is how David tells it, “When I came back to my seat, a girl to the right of my desk catches my eyes. Her smile bright, eyes sparkling, and her brunette hair flowed around her shoulders. When I sat down, she leaned over and whispered, ‘I hope you like the school and the small-town life. If you need anything, just ask.’ I whispered back, ‘I will, thanks. But you didn’t tell me your name.’ She giggled and whispered, ‘It’s Lucy.’
That was the very first time I spoke to David, and if that hadn’t happened, I know my high school memories would be different. Since that first day in English, we talked and he hung out with Aaron, Jenny, and I after school.

If that conversation would have never happened, I think that it would still be just the three of us. I know at the time I wasn’t in the market to make more friends, David just kind of happened. I wanted to be helpful and it turned into a friendship then to dating and now into an adventure of a lifetime as a married couple. I didn’t have a crush at the time; I don’t remember noticing any guys other than David. Once I met David, everything fell into place.

I think had we not met, I would have focused more on me and my writing career. I would still be best friends with Aaron and Jenny, and after high school, I would have attended The University of North Alabama. I believe that I wasn’t focused on making more friends, but David just kind of happened. Once he happened, I fell and no other guy mattered. I am still living out my dream to be a writer, although it is just this blog, it is better than nothing. I get to do it while being in love and doing life with my best friend.




When I Think Of You

(6/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs.

I’ll admit this prompt didn’t come easily to me and I started doing a little research on how other writers describe eyes. Honestly, how do you describe someone’s eyes using only verbs? Those aren’t my strong suit, I am better with adjectives. But, I am challenging myself with these writing prompts for this blog series, that I wouldn’t normally attempt otherwise.

Finally after searching Google for fifteen minutes, I stumbled upon a site called ‘Words to Use,’ where I can choose to look at a list of verbs for eyes: gaze, glance, raked, searched, watched, scanned, affix, flutter, notice, marvel, express, witness, scowl, twinkle, survey, recognize, seek.


His eyes twinkle and sparkle as they gaze into the distance or when he catches me peeking at him. He says, “Why are you watching me?”

I say, “I was just marveling at the beautiful man that is the love of my life,” I shrug.

He recognizes the matching sparkle in my eyes as he scans my face for how I feel about him checking me out. I love it, but I don’t tell him that.

Instead, I let my eyes express my love for him as I stare into his for so long that my eyes blink like crazy.

His eyes tell me that he is fluttering with love for me, and that’s all the assure I need.

Me, Myself, and I

(5/12) Creativity Zone Blog Series: Describe yourself in third-person – your physical appearance and personality – as though you are a character in a book.

A Short Story

Lucy Berry Lee pushes a strain of her long brunette curls behind her ear. Her husband, David sits beside her on the park bench as they stare at the duck pond. She spots some ducks swimming close to the edge and how they look like a little community.

Her oval face is shaded by the tree and her bangs hide her forehead as the wind threatens to reveal it. Pulling at the bottom of her pink t-shirt, David grabs her hand and rubs his thumb across hers. As she turns to smile at him, her earrings catch the sun and cast a beautiful glow on her face.

As they stare at the ducks, Lucy drifts back to when they were just teenagers. How nervous she was to spend time alone with David. Look at them now, enjoying the sunny day. She thinks about how silly she was whenever he came around. Giggling and trying to crack jokes even though she was bad at it. But, that didn’t matter because David would still laugh with her.

Now as Husband and Wife, she sits here and focuses her hazel eyes on the man she married. The same one she met freshman year of high school. After all this time, she sits relaxed because he is her safe place to land. No matter what they are doing she knows she can be her silly self around him and he will still be like, “that’s my wife!”

Lipstick, Pumps, and A Secret

(4/12) Creativity Blog Series: What a character wearing red is thinking.

A Short Story Sequel

I need to get these guys out of here, Maddy Stickmen thinks to herself.

Maddy stands on the curb of an Italian restaurant waiting for her new man to show up, all is quiet on this side of town. Only the fanciest and richest folks are out having a very late dinner, but in her case, a first date dinner. Yet, this isn’t her first rodeo.

She has been down this road before, just yesterday she went mini golfing with this guy named Blake, who loves golf, but she was pretty meh on the game. Though she was looking for a hot date, and he fit the bill. They played mini golf and had some drinks afterward, mixing fun with pleasure. A twist of fate happened for Blake, he turned up missing the very next day. His sister, Beatrice called the police and filed a missing person report when her brother didn’t show up for lunch this afternoon.

That is old news to Maddy, she is on the prowl for new blood and this guy is just that. A changeling of keys catches her attention as she looks up to find her new treat for the evening, Stephen.

Stephen is tall, handsome, and rich. Not only can he carry his weigh-in paying the bill, but he can charm a girl into staying for more than one glass of wine. So, Maddy has heard. She isn’t looking to wine and dine, even though it is very tempting. No, Ms. Stickmen is in the business of making pretty boys like Stephen disappear.

I hope my lipstick is perfect, Maddy subconsciously thinks as he closes the gap between them.

Fast forward to the next afternoon and Stephen’s face is plastered all over the town. Flyers are stuck to every business’s window up and down the block as Maddy makes her way to her meeting. His beautiful face fills the streets and she shivers at the thought of what she had to do.

After passing several flyers have last night’s clean-up, she opens the door to her top-secret meeting with her boss, Sam Gold.

Mr. Gold is the head of her latest operation, take down the pretty boys. But what people don’t know is that Maddy is trained to flirt and lead them on to trust her until she can take care of them. Dressed to the nines with her red lipstick and pumps to match, she gains their trust then makes them disappear.